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How to know you’ve found “the one”

How I found “the one”

There are so many different ways that we know that we are with “the one.” For a lot of us I imagine, we just knew at some point, and for others we have concrete moments that told us “yes, she is the one.” So, How do you know if you’ve found the one. For me, it was a mix of both. Here is how I knew that Katie was the one for me.

This week we are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. It seems like forever ago that we were just dating each other (we’ve been together since 2010). But at the same time, it just feels like a blink in time and now we are celebrating 6 years. It’s funny, every once in a while I will look at Katie when we’re just doing everyday things, and just think to myself “Who is this person I married? Did I actually marry Katie Elledge, the most gorgeous, unattainable, and talented girl in the music department at Palomar College?”

It turns out, I did. And I couldn’t imagine my life having gone any differently. She is without question the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with with. It’s not necessarily that I believe that she is “the one and only” and there is no one else I would’ve been happy with. It’s more like it doesn’t really matter because she was my choice.

But why did I choose Katie? Why is she the one that I chose to spend my life with?  There are many people who are sweet, loving, hard-working, gorgeous, honest, and make great partners, just like Katie. If that wasn’t the case, then Katie and I would be the only happy couple in the world, and obviously that’s not true. What set things apart for me, was this unwavering feeling of commitment and love that she had for me. It’s something I have never doubted in our relationship. Even at rock-bottom, I knew that she loved me.

The other part of the equation was, she knew that I felt the same way about her. She knows that I cared and loved her like no other. And it was this mutual feeling of being equally appreciated by each-other that helped shape our individual mindsets in the relationship. I had never experienced before. In all my previous relationships, I was either way more into someone than they were with me, or vice versa. It was never balanced. I never knew that they cared for me as much as I did for them. With all of Katie’s other incredible qualities, which is an incredibly rare find, this feeling of mutual love and care for one another is what let me know that she was indeed “the one” for me.

Here are three important signs that you’ve found “the one”.

1. They prioritize you

This is something that gave me now doubt whatsoever about how Katie felt about me. We always prioritized each other, even when other entities told us to prioritize something else. When you are the most important thing in someone’s life, chances are you will be a great match for life.

2. You can both be yourself in front of each other

If you feel comfortable in your own skin and know who you are, and you can do it in front of your partner; you are golden. If you feel like you have to hide who you are from your partner, you either need to figure out how to get out of that cycle, or you are not with the right person.

3. There is something different

This one is probably the biggest one for me. Until know, I couldn’t really put my finger on what it was. But as I said above, this feeling of complete mutual love and respect for each other was so present, It was a completely knew feeling for me. If you are experiencing these positive feelings that you haven’t felt before in previous relationships, this could very well be a sign that you’ve for “the one.”

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