Simply put: we were unhappy with our lives. We were unhappy with our careers, with what our futures were looking like – and most importantly, we were unhappy with ourselves and each other for the first time in our lives together.

We had come to the conclusion that misery was inevitable – that we could never escape the soul-sucking daily grind. We believed that we were going to end up like a jaded, cynical, bitter couple. We started listening to all the people that say, “You’ll never be happy in a marriage. You’ll hate each other after a year together.”  We thought it was inevitable to be unhappy and struggle in our life together.

Sad, right?

We decided we had to stop.  The only way for us to get out that horrible place was to make some big changes.  We took our lives (and our minds) into our own hands and did something about it.

We hated living far away from family, so we moved across the country to be near them. We hated what our financial future was looking like as musicians, so we both started over in new careers. We hated the state of our relationship, so we took a hard look at ourselves and each other and worked through some serious pain to get toward being happy again.

We’re not claiming that its simple or easy.  But we do know that real change is possible.

We are here to inspire you to realize your potential. We are here to support you in strengthening your relationships. We are here to teach you how to make meaningful change in your life.

We don’t claim to have it all figured out.  But we know that there is value in sharing what we’ve learned with others. Come join us in our journey in bettering ourselves, and helping you do to same.