The Secrets to Healing Your Marriage

Solving any problem in a marriage
begins with communication.

Happy with the state of your marriage?

You're probably here because...

➰ you feel angry and resentful toward your spouse

➰ you feel neglected in your marriage

➰ you feel misunderstood by your spouse

But what you really want is...

➰ to have your spouse treat you with respect

➰ to communicate lovingly – without fighting

➰ a marriage where you can feel like friends again

Imagine if things could be different...

Imagine this… what if you and your spouse were able to suddenly solve your marriage problems… instead of just fighting? 

What if you suddenly were able to respond to each other with love, instead of reacting out of anger and vengeance?

What if there was a way to have your deepest feelings understood, and your needs met?

What if there was a way to get rid of the animosity, let go of your anger and resentment, and start talking productively?

Do you believe that's possible?

Get to know us...

Hi, we're Katie & Mike Sullivan!

We’ve been together since 2010, and have been happily married since 2013. 👰🤵

We’re pretty normal, just like you – we argue about who should do the dishes, and putting the laundry away. 😉

What makes us a little different though, is that we saved our own marriage from complete and utter demise in 2017.

How'd we do it?

➰ We dedicated time to learning how to communicate healthily.

➰ We learned how to empathize with each other, and meet each other’s needs.

➰ We decided to put our marriage first – over literally everything else.

We've been through the insane ups and downs of a marriage at it's breaking point.

You're here for a reason...

OK listen – you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe you’re on your phone and you’re reading this today for a reason

Something in your life isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s most likely that the most important relationship in your life is causing you immense pain.

You want something better.

And you’ve heard how this works – because we’re the proof. And you know that it is possible to learn how to communicate effectively, start to rebuild your relationship, and heal your marriage.  

So let us ask you … does that sound like something you’d want to start taking action on? Because right now you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how.

Let us show you how!


The Marriage Cure

When a marriage is on its lifeline, communication is the first thing to break down. Changing the way you communicate is the first step in turning things around. We’ve designed “The Marriage Cure” to help you and your spouse learn how to stop arguing, start start understanding each other, and heal your marriage!

Our Method...

Healing your marriage starts with COMMUNICATION, but it doesn't end there. The "Marriage Cure" method teaches effective communication to reach UNDERSTANDING, and develop EMPATHY.

From there, all that's left to do is put your heads together to PROBLEM-SOLVE, and RECONCILE.

The "Marriage Cure" method follows a clear path, with one step leading to the next. With this program, you'll learn the skills to follow that path and heal your marriage.

What You'll Get...

"The Marriage Cure" method to save your marriage and heal your hearts.

In Module 1, you'll learn...

➰ why couples even argue in the first place, and what does it mean if you’ve been fighting a lot lately.

➰ the most important “do’s” and “don’ts” of communication in marriage.

➰ how to turn an argument-gone-bad into a productive discussion that actually gets you somewhere.

In Module 2, you'll learn...

➰ how to restore empathy in your marriage, and use it as the “antidote to arguing”.

➰ how to let go of your ego during heated discussions, and why it’s so important to do so.

➰ that you and your spouse both have valid feelings, and what you need to do to compromise and reconcile.

In Module 3, you'll learn...

➰ how NOT to give an apology, and what you DO need to do to give a proper, sincere apology.

➰ how to forgive your spouse, even after years of damage, broken trust, loss of hope.

➰ how to get a fresh start in your marriage by wiping the slate clean, and changing your mindsets.

Our "Why"...

Why did we create this program?

Obviously, this isn’t something that we have to do – like, no one’s forcing us to do this, and it’s not part of some larger job that we have.  

So why do we care about your marriage and your happiness?

Beause we've been where you are.

➰ We’ve suffered the heartbreak – both of us did things we’re not proud of, and said things we wish we could take back.  

➰ We suffered the loneliness – it’s a strange feeling to love your spouse deeply, but still feel completely alone.

➰ We suffered the numbness – we had both been hurt so much, that we both just lost feeling completely. And then after that, you stop caring.  

That was the moment we knew we had to take action to save our marriage.

The Bonuses...



Perhaps the most difficult part of communication in marriage is knowing how to talk about a sensitive subject.  You probably know how quickly things can go downhill in a tough conversation.

We’ve put together this Bonus Learning Module to teach you the proper approach to a difficult topic.  This method is proven to help extinguish fights before they even start up.

$97 value



This bonus is composed of two great pieces. With the 10 Commandments of Fair Fighting you and your spouse will have the tools to set the right rules that work for your marriage. 

 Our Scripts for Fair Fighting keep you from getting lost during the heat of the moment, in a wide variety of scenarios. You’ll always know the right thing to say when you keep these handy.

$197 value​



Once you have the tools to heal your marriage, it’s only your mindset that can get in the way. So, even when you’re done taking the lessons, we’re leaving you with a plan you can use week-after-week.  

You’ll practice a positive marriage mindset – like gratitude, love, and forgiveness – every day, for seven days.  The results of the course content keep on giving over time with this bonus.

$97 Value

That's a $391 value ... all FREE with this offer today!

We bet you're wondering...

How much?

At this point, you may be starting to wonder if a program that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive. And who can blame you? That kind of power should be right?  

We could easily charge A LOT of money for this training, and it would be totally worth it…we’re not actually going to do that, because we mostly just care about the success of your marriage, and we want to help as many people as possible

The Marriage Cure

Learn the "Marriage Cure" method & Heal your Marriage
$ 97 one-time payment
  • MODULE 1: A Fair Foundation
  • MODULE 2: Taking Ownership
  • MODULE 3: Cleaning the Slate
  • BONUS 1: Communication Transformation
  • BONUS 2: The Fair Fighting Collection
  • BONUS 3: 7-Day "Fresh Start" Plan

Limited time only!

Click "Enroll Now" to save 66%, and get started today!

Try it risk free...

There’s no risk for you at all, because you’re backed by our 30-day MONEY-BACK GUANRANTEE.

Here’s how it works: complete the ‘Marriage Cure’ course, put everything to work, and see how it works for YOU specifically.

And, if at any time within 30 days of your purchase, you find that it wasn’t worth the $197, let us know and we’ll immediately refund your money – no questions asked.

The real question is...

What's your marriage worth to you?

If you had to put a dollar amount on it, how much would it be? Is it worth the $197 we’re asking for this course? $197 is certainly cheaper than going to marriage counseling, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than a divorce. Is saving your marriage worth it to you?  

And remember, you’re backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’re not really gambling any money here. All we’re asking you to do is give us your time. Is your marriage worth sacrificing some of your time to make lasting improvements?  

Even if it only does HALF of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible. Everyday that you wait to make a change in your marriage, means that it’s one more day where your marriage gets weaker, and the more time it will take to heal it.  

So if you’re ready to start making your marriage heal, just go ahead… click the ‘Enroll Now’” button below below and take advantage of this very special offer.

We have more for you...

And, as if the amazing $100 discount wasn’t enough already, when you order today, we’re also giving you a very special added bonus… 

Promotional Bonus

One-On-One Coaching Call

We’ll give your our undivided attention for 30 minutes, with our expert perspective, and help set you on a path to healing your marriage. We know that everyone’s situation is unique, and that you may just want a little bit of extra help. That’s what we’re here for!

As you can imagine, this will be very time-intensive for us, so we only want to work with people who are REALLY serious about this stuff, so you can only take advantage of this bonus if you purchase today! Spots for the coaching call will fill up fast, so don’t delay. 

$297 value

That's a BONUS VALUE of $688 ... all FREE with this offer today!

We know - timing is everything ...

We really want you to know that there’s no hard feelings if our course doesn’t seem like the right fit, or if it’s not the right time. We hope you still stay in touch with us, and that you follow us on social media. And, we wish the best for your marital success!  

But we also want you know that this offer won’t last forever.

This is part of a special promotion, and this exclusive one-time only offer will be gone in four days (or when we fill up all the limited spots, whatever comes first). So don’t delay, because this opportunity will be GONE.  

Claim your huge discount and amazing free bonuses. And with the money-back guarantee, you simply cannot lose.  

Here's the highlights...

"The Marriage Cure" method to save your marriage and heal your hearts.

The Marriage Cure



The Program

  • MODULE 1: A Fair Foundation
  • MODULE 2: Taking Ownership
  • MODULE 3: Cleaning the Slate

the bonuses

  • BONUS 1: Communication Transformation
  • BONUS 2: The Fair Fighting Collection
  • BONUS 3: 7-Day "Fresh Start" Plan
  • BONUS 4: One-On-One Coaching Call

the guarantee

Take the ‘Marriage Cure’ course for a test drive, and see how it works for YOU.

There’s no risk for you – you’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

This offer is only valid for a limited time - enroll today!


Q: Can this course really heal my marriage?

The short answer is – yes, if you let it

The real issue is your fear. Fear that it won’t work. Fear that you’ll spend money or put forth effort and it won’t pan out. That’s understandable, but ask yourself this question: 

Where will that kind of fear-based decision making lead you? Is it going to save your marriage? Get your spouse back? Or is it going to waste more time while they slip further and further away?  

Set aside your skepticism, and replace it with hope. Believe that something better is possible for your marriage. Don’t you want to know that you gave your marriage the best shot of working, and that you did everything you could to save it?

Q: Is "The Marriage Cure" Program right for my marriage?

Every marriage is different. But, there are only 2 situations that we cannot help:

1. You and your spouse are completely estranged. You have no communication, whatsoever. You do not live together, speak, exchanging telephone calls or texts, and have no firm plans to visit each other.

2. Your spouse is making future plans with another person. Wedding, having a baby, moving in together, etc. We understand how challenging this is, but this course won’t help you with that. 

We do help couples who’ve struggled with infidelity, but aren’t creating future plans with another person outside of the marriage.  

But if you and your spouse are committed to trying to make things work (even if you don’t know how), at least one of you has a desire to communicate better, and you value working toward a happier marriage – well, then there’s definitely stuff in this course for you.

Q: Do I need to take this course with my spouse?

The short answer – no. We think it would be great for you and your spouse to go through the course material together, but if that’ not in the cards for whatever reason, that’s ok. The course material is designed to be effective if one or both partners take the course. Either way, you’ll still see results!

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