Have you ever asked yourself, "should I get a divorce?" Most have. But deciding on divorce isn't easy. Here's some things to consider.

Welcome to your Should I get a divorce? Quiz

I feel comfortable confiding in my spouse. 
I feel emotionally supported by my spouse.
My marriage is a positive environment for child-rearing.
When we argue, we are always able to come to a fair compromise.
I feel afraid of what life would be like without my spouse.
I enjoy showing love and affection toward my spouse, and my spouse shows me as well.
My spouse shows genuine concern for my happiness and wellbeing.
I feel comfort, pleasure, and love when my spouse touches me (sexually or non-sexually).
I trust my spouse completely, and know that he/she is committed to our marriage.
I share common interests and goals with my spouse.
I like my spouse as a person.
My spouse builds me up, and makes me feel good about myself.
My spouse treats me with respect and appreciation.
I enjoy spending time with my spouse.
I want to work on improving my marriage with my spouse.
My spouse wants to work on improving our marriage with me.
When I think of my future, I imagine it with my spouse.
My spouse contributes equally to our marriage (i.e., raising children, providing income, etc.)
I feel fulfilled in my marriage.
My spouse makes my life happier overall.

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