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This challenge activity is all about repairing communication: listening first, and positive speech second.


This challenge activity is about discovering your spouse’s “love language”.  You’ll be working on showing love how they want to be loved.


Two happy people make a happy marriage. This challenge activity is divided into 2 steps: building your self esteem, and building your partner’s self-esteem.


Intimacy must be part of the package. Today’s challenge activity is about building your connection by enhancing the intimacy in your relationship.


Part of bringing the spark back to your relationship is about planning for your future together. Today’s challenge activity is divided into 2 steps: setting goals for this year, and setting goals for farther into the future.

A few items of business...

1. Check your email daily

We’ll be sending you an email each day with a snapshot of the challenge activity for that day.  All the details for the challenge can be found on our website – and we’ll send you those links in each email too!

Next, download the Complete Guide to the ⚡Recharge Your Relationship Challenge⚡! It outlines each day’s activities.

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2. Join the "Happy Marriage Support Group"

A big part of this challenge is about sharing with others what worked for you in your marriage.  Additionally, you’ll benefit from seeing how other people are being successful in their marriages!  

Plus there’s a giveaway! To be eligible, you must:

  • Perform the challenge activity for all 5 days of the challenge
  • Post each day about your experience with the daily challenge (with the hashtag!)

What you need for this challenge

You need just a few things to be successful in this challenge:

  • 15 minutes a day for the challenge activity. Yep, just 15 minutes (we know you’re busy)!  If you’re an over-achiever and want to spend more time, then you do you!  
  • A positive attitude. If your marriage is in a bit of a slump, we know it can be hard to be positive.  But this challenge will be the start of turning that around, so be positive!
  • A belief that you can change your marriage. You alone have the power to turn things around in your relationship. Even if your spouse is not on board, you can still succeed!

frequently asked questions

Here’s a few questions we often get about this challenge:

  • How much time do I need for this challenge? Just about 15 minutes a day.  All of the challenge activities have been designed for minimum time, and maximum benefit!
  • Does my spouse need to participate? No.  If you would like to do it as a couple, that is AWESOME! But if only one of you is on board, the challenge is absolutely still doable!
  • What happens after the challenge? We encourage you to keep practicing the skills in the challenge. We will continue to support you, along with our great online community!