Intimacy is probably one of the first things you thought of when you learned about the “Recharge Your Relationship” Challenge.  If you want to get your spark back, intimacy needs to be part of the package.

Today’s challenge activity is about building on your connection as a couple by enhancing the intimacy in your relationship.


Everyone that participates in this challenge will be in a different “place” with intimacy in their relationship.  The goal for today’s challenge activity is simply to increase the quantity and quality of intimacy in your relationship.  It’s not all about sex (although that can be part of it) – it’s also about how connected you are as a couple. 

Step 1: Take a trip down memory lane

Go back to when you first fell in love

Kick off today’s challenge activity by recreating intimacy from before you lost the spark. Research shows that nostalgia can literally revive dying relationships.

Play a song that evokes your early years together, break out some long-hidden lingerie, slow dance together, or use sexy pet names from when you first fell in love.

Set some time aside in your day to reminisce about this special time in your relationship.  It doesn’t have to be over-the-top; a casual conversation will do.  

But whatever you do, acknowledge those special feelings and moments you had early on in your relationship, and bring some of that back into your marriage.

Step 2: Give them what they want

Choose something that pleases your partner

For this part of the challenge activity, choose an intimate activity (sexual or non-sexual) that your spouse frequently expresses interest in and do that for them.

When intimacy is a little rocky in relationships, we often tend to think of our own desires, and what’s lacking for us as individuals.  Rarely do we consider what’s lacking for our partners.

Choose an intimate activity that your spouse really likes (that you will also enjoy), and surprise them with it. (HINT: you could combine steps 1 and 2 if it works out for your situation!)

This is a really great exercise because your spouse will feel wanted.  When your relationship is in a rough patch, that’s often the first thing to go.  This activity will bring it back fast.

Step 3: Post about it!

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you must post in the Happy Marriage Support Group about your experience (keep it PG, please)!

Make sure to use the hashtag #rechargeyourrelationshipday4 (otherwise we won’t be able to find your post!)