What does self-esteem have to do with relationships? A lot, actually!  If you don’t feel good about yourself, that will be reflected in your marriage.  Likewise, if your spouse doesn’t feel good about themselves, it will also show up in negative ways.

Today’s challenge activity is divided into 2 steps: building your self esteem, and building your partner’s self-esteem.


The goal here is make small choices that help you feel good about yourself, and also being there to build your spouse up as well.  When you both feel good about yourself, you’ll see the results in your relationship!

Step 1: Build yourself up!

Perform the tasks below to work on building up your self-confidence today.  This is about believing and knowing the value that you bring to your relationship.

Make a list of 5 positives you bring to your relationship.  These could be anything specific to your personality, your talents, or the roles you play in your relationship and your home.

Write these down and put them in a place where you can see them.  Remind yourself throughout the day of the value that you bring to your relationship.

Step 2: Build your partner up!

Try to boost your partner’s self-esteem, throughout the day. Make sure they go to bed feeling good about themselves.  You’ll both be feeling better about yourselves, and you’ll feel closer as a couple.

“I love you because…” Make a list of reasons that you love your partner. These could be anything – from their personality, their talents, or the roles they play in your relationship and your home. 

Make sure to be sincere and think outside the box.  Write these down on a nice piece of paper that you can present to your spouse.  (You could even frame it!) 

Step 3: Post about it!

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you must post in the Happy Marriage Support Group about your experience (remember – bring positivity)!

Make sure to use the hashtag #rechargeyourrelationshipday3 (otherwise we won’t be able to find your post!)