Should I get a divorce? Quiz

This quiz is meant to help guide you to making your own decision on whether divorce is the right option for you. It requires honest introspection.  No one will see your answers except you, so please feel free to answer openly and honestly.

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1. I feel comfortable confiding in my spouse. 
2. I feel emotionally supported by my spouse.
3. My marriage is a positive environment for child-rearing.
4. When we argue, we are always able to come to a fair compromise.
5. I feel afraid of what life would be like without my spouse.
6. I enjoy showing love and affection toward my spouse, and my spouse shows me as well.
7. My spouse shows genuine concern for my happiness and wellbeing.
8. I feel comfort, pleasure, and love when my spouse touches me (sexually or non-sexually).
9. I trust my spouse completely, and know that he/she is committed to our marriage.
10. I share common interests and goals with my spouse.
11. I like my spouse as a person.
12. My spouse builds me up, and makes me feel good about myself.
13. My spouse treats me with respect and appreciation.
14. I enjoy spending time with my spouse.
15. I want to work on improving my marriage with my spouse.
16. My spouse wants to work on improving our marriage with me.
17. When I think of my future, I imagine it with my spouse.
18. My spouse contributes equally to our marriage (i.e., raising children, providing income, etc.)
19. I feel fulfilled in my marriage.
20. My spouse makes my life happier overall.

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