SEX: The Gateway to Reconnection

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Sex – it’s one of those things where, if you’re having it, you’re probably feeling great about your relationship.  But if you aren’t, you probably feel like you’ve got a great big whole in your marriage.  It’s not that sex itself is the most important part of your love life – but it’s that sex (and all the good stuff that comes with it) drives the connection between partners, and has the power to transform an entire relationship.

This course takes you from A-Z in doing just that.  We’ll cover what stops couples from having great sex to start with, we’ll breakdown the emotional and physical components of sex, and we’ll teach you how all of that can help you and your spouse rekindle your connection.  This information comes from top-quality research, as well as our own personal experience as a married couple, continually working to keep our connection alive and healthy.


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