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Imagine a butterfly – a lovely, even majestic, creature that radiates with beauty. But that butterfly didn’t start out that way. A long, difficult journey was necessary to get there.

When you and your spouse got married, you were like a caterpillar – in love, feeling invincible, and ready to face the future. You had no idea the transition that was to come.

Soon enough, that caterpillar goes through the process of metamorphosis. It enters the cocoon, alone, and in complete darkness, with no idea what is coming.

But from this process emerges that beautiful, majestic butterfly. Your marriage goes through a similar process. When you’re in crisis, your just in the cocoon, getting ready to emerge and enjoy the blissful marriage you deeply desire.

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Quality Communication

Imagine freely expressing your feelings, your needs, being validated, and respected.  In the Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program, we start by teaching the precepts of quality communication to begin your marriage transformation.

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Being an adult is hard. Marriage is hard. Communication for couples is hard. Conversation starters are a challenge. Learn how to improve your communication with your spouse. This article has some effective tips in learning communication skills for couples. Some verbal and nonverbal activities.

Enduring Support

You want nothing more than to feel united with your spouse – like a team, working toward one common goal.  The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program focuses on creating marital unity by shifting your marriage mindset.

Unconditional Love

There is no greater love than one that accepts the individual, despite their flaws. That against all odds, your love for each other is guaranteed. In the Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program, the main goal is to teach you the skills to develop this deep bond in your marriage.

Real Results from Real People

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What We Offer

Our 6-month program is a complete, integrated coaching package, where all components build on one another to provide a
comprehensive experience that creates real results.

Individual Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching to ensure the success of our clients. Giving our students the individualized guidance they need is our highest priority.

Learning Modules

Believe it or not, there are some concepts that apply to all marriages. We teach our students how to master the principles for a lasting, happy marriage.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an essential element of our programs. We all learn best when we're learning from each other - and that includes your fellow students.

Unlimited Support

We will never leave our clients hanging in a time of need. Help is available to our clients 24/7 through our email support line, and our online community.

Your Marriage Transformation

The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program is all about providing you the skills you need
to spark a remarkable marriage transformation.

Healing Discussions

Remedying any marriage challenge begins with effective communication.  The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program teaches techniques and strategies to help you learn how to have more productive, healing conversations in your marriage.

Renewed Trust

Trust is the essence of a strong emotional connection between two partners.  The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program teaches how to rebuild trust in your marriage, even if you've endured considerable pain in your past.

Finding Forgiveness

Finding forgiveness is an essential part of going from a lackluster marriage, to one where you're thriving and happy.  The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program leads you down the path of deep emotional healing from marriage wounds, past and present.

Deepened Commitment

Wavering commitment is commonly found among couples who are in the midst of marital woes.  The Marriage Metamorphosis Mentorship Program teaches the proper mindset to foster deeper commitment in your marriage.

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