Homemade Gifts for your Partner

It’s December, so if you haven’t already started thinking about the holiday gifts you might get for your loved ones, now’s the time!  Sometimes it’s tricky though.  Mike usually has a pretty good idea of something he would want for Christmas, but me on the other hand – I never know.

In that case, sometimes a heartfelt, homemade gift for your partner is the best option!  Homemade gifts can be tougher to make than you think, though. We’ve got some great ideas here on making a memorable homemade gift for your partner  – check it out.

1) Make it heartfelt.

Make a “Reasons Why I Love You” jar. This is a really great one, especially for those of us who are craft-impaired.  It does take some planning though.  Find yourself a cute, decorative jar, and write small notes to go inside.  On those notes, write a reason why you love your partner for them to look at daily.  If you’re really into the planning thing, you could even do this over an extended period of time, like a week, month, or even a year if you’re ambitious enough (make sure to put dates on them)! Wrap it up nicely with a pretty card explaining what the gift is, and how to use it.  This one’s sure to be a tear-jerker, and definitely for the Christmas gift hall of fame!

A "Reasons Why I Love You" Jar
“Reasons why I love you” Jar

2) Take advantage of your talents

Homemade gifts are a great way to take advantage of your talents.  Everyone has talents (yes, even you), and what’s even better is that your partner probably really admires them!  If you’re crafty – you enjoy sewing, knitting, or anything like that, you could knit monogramed mittens. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  If you love singing, create a Christmas album with your favorite songs.  Maybe you’re really handy, and good with wood – like this homemade phone charging station. The sky’s the limit!

A homemade gift from Mike's sister, Sabrina, who is an amazing artist!
A homemade gift from Mike’s sister, Sabrina, who is an amazing artist!

3) Repurpose something in your home

I’m confident that we’ve all got a ton of things lying around our house that we don’t use anymore.  Get creative and turn it into something useful for a gift.  For example, you can repurpose old Christmas sweaters and make stockings like these! You can turn an old picture frame into a fun message board for the family.  If you live in the country like we do, you’ve probably got tons of wood lying around.  Grab a piece and make it into a cute key holder like this one.  The point is, take a look around and see what you can use to make a gift that your partner will remember for years.  


  1. Sabrina Sullivan

    Awww, love this post! I really love the jar idea. I might have to start one for next year <3.

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