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Hi, we're Katie & Mike

We are a happily married couple, and we're super-duper in love, but it wasn't always that way. We've worked really hard to get there.

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, you've probably wondered: "How did we get here?"

We certainly did! We found ourselves constantly fighting, feeling heartbroken and lonely. (Yes - lonely, even in our marriage).

We reached a point where we weren't sure if our marriage would survive. Never did we imagine that we would be contemplating divorce.

We loved each other deeply. But it seemed like our problems had become insurmountable, and we just couldn't see a way to fix them.

Over time though, we were slowly able to discover and develop solutions to our marriage problems, and learn how to have a happy marriage again.

We now help other couples create happy marriages using the same strategies we used in our marriage to make our union, and our love, last a lifetime!

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Not long ago, we were like you.

Relationships are just plain hard. Especially when you feel like life is pulling you apart.

We were once two insanely busy graduate students, working toward building our individual careers in academia and music - simultaneously. Our careers started to take us down different paths, to different cities - maybe even different states.

We were miserable, and started to resent each other. And individually, both of us were a mess. Once we figured out that both of us were much better together than we are apart, everything started to change for the better.

When you get your relationship (and yourself) right, there's not much else that feels better.

We changed our attitudes. We changed our habits. We started taking care of ourselves and each other. We surrounded ourselves with people we love, and people who love us.

It took a lot of change and hard work. We learned that for us to be happy as a couple, we have to be happy individuals, and that our relationship has to come first.

We want this for you too, and we want to help you get there.

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